PIP – Planting in Progess 
by Christine Mackey

SEED MATTER and ‘Living Fields’
The Leitrim Sculpture Centre & Limerick City Gallery of Art (2013)
Funded by: Visual Bursary Award, The Arts Council, Ireland

Re-visiting the Archive sees Mackey return to a former site in Sligo, where she had mapped an orchard to discover that the original site had been destroyed and in its place a storage depot had been constructed. In response to this erasure, Mackey decided to commemorate the orchard by planting an apple tree [Brown Crofton] at the original site. This unofficial ‘break in’ is documented in the video work P I P. This work, part activist — part gardening, attempts to draw attention to the destruction or ‘de-value’ of land resources and cultural habitats that had once been significant social and environmental sites of exchange for local communities.



Christine Mackey is an artist and independent researcher who employs diverse disciplines, subject matter and tactics in devising works that can generate different kinds of knowledge of place – their hidden histories and ecological formations. Using diverse graphic sources and quasi-scientific methods, her work explores the interactive potential of art as a research tool and its capacity for social and environmental change.


Christine Mackey

This work was submitted by Christine Mackey on 27 October 2014.

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