Pigeons (2013)
a project by Tara Tate

Pigeons (2013) is a video work documenting an intervention that took place at London Euston train station over the course of one working day. It is a split-screen collection and digital-collage of accumulated footage which voyeuristically captured people in transit either waiting for their train times to appear on the screens, or frantically rushing to catch one imminently.


The split-screen effect was aimed to mirror the variety of entries and exits of all the ‘subjects’, reflecting the unique rhythms, flows and timings people keep within their own unique schedules, and making reference to the fact that train stations, like a stage, are public arenas of exchange and flux; the ebb and flow of commuters are like dancers, well rehearsed in their own routines. The act of catching people during the act of eating was meant to perform as a uniform comparison device, a seemingly innocuous and mundane ritual that everyone must transact – a grounding mechanism if you like – and yet it seems to raise all manner of questions: Is the act of eating a social or solo one? Does it enhance or stupefy one’s inner thoughts? What is it about the act of eating in public, this animalistic feat panoramically being recorded by CCTV cameras at every angle, that can be so banal and yet raise so much controversy within our urban society?




Tara Tate is currently a final-year student on the MFA Fine Art Media course at the Slade School of Fine Art. She works with performance and intervention a lot in relation to her research, which stems from an interest in the socio-political aspects of quotidian experiences: consumption, food, objects/function, value, etc.


Tara Tate

This project was submitted by Tara Tate on 19th of March 2014.

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