One-Man Protest as per Russian Law
by Natalia Skobeeva

iPad video with sound
Oct 2012
London, UK

Protest (like anything else) only makes sense if it changes the way people are. Not a single political idea is worth a human life.
The work ‘One-Man Protest as per Russian Law’ was shot with an iPad during the VIP opening of Frieze London Artfair in October 2012. I recorded the voice-over straight into the device and showed the work on the same device at the next evening as a part of the Moving Image Artfair 2012 in London.

Being a constant pendulum between 3 cultures (Russia, Belgium and UK) and passionately feeling the struggle of Russia to become a better place, I was re-enacting the only allowed form of protest in Russia on the soil of the UK. The work is a step further into the exploration of transnationalism and the effects of the modern life, information flow and internet on one’s personality and identity.


Natalia Skobeeva is currently completing her Masters in Printmaking at Royal College of Art, London. Working with different media she deals with her transnational background being born in Russia and based in the UK and Belgium. Shooting her projects she usually combines modern technology and common everyday devices.




This piece was submitted by Natalia Skobeeva on 17 February 2014.

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