Kunsthaus Aussersihl Zürich – An Introduction
by Sabine Hagmann

Kunsthaus Aussersihl – An Introduction from Aesthetics of Protest on Vimeo.


A short introduction to an artist-run initiative in Zürich, trying to transform a public building into a centre for the production, discussion and presentation of contemporary art and culture. While still fighting to actually get the building, we initiated all sorts of actions, events, performances etc., in collaborations with and hosted by other spaces in Zürich.

The Concept (German)

Find information on the most recent project, called OG9, here.


Kunsthaus Aussersihl
Postfach 1801
8026 Zürich

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Image and video were provided by Kunsthaus Aussersihl
This work was submitted by Sabine Hagmann on 19 March 2014.

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