Job Hunt
by Chris Sav

Job Hunt is an everyday intervention / protest based on the idea that I can’t secure what’s considered as ‘real’ employment. I began to tire of spending all my time filling out application forms and only getting rejection emails in return, if anything at all, so I started sending out joke covering letters and posting my own fake job ads on job sites, some of which were approved by the moderators which in turn led to people sending me their CVs. I also recorded a song which is essentially a job rejection email in musical form which I plan on emailing to all the jobs that have sent me rejection emails in the past.

Cover Letter BroadwayAdmin Boy

Chris is an artist, writer and preserve maker based in London. He draws cartoons and sings songs about root vegetables. He is currently working on a musical about a quarter life crisis.

Chris Sav

This work was submitted by Chris Sav on 24 October 2014.

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