JOBFIELD 3000 / TREE: a “Speaker Sculpture”
by Benoît Maubrey

Phone garden - Jobfield 3000

JOBFIELD 3000 (2008)

A small plowed field situated in the town of Beelitzis in the same manner as an asparagus fields around the town of Beelitz (Brandenburg). Instead of asparagus 60 telephone receivers are planted in rows. The telephone receivers play voices of different job openings in the area. These are downloaded from the internet and
played through the telephone speakers. Each row has different job announcements.


TREE : a “Speaker Sculpture” using Bluetooth technology

While visiting the Marler Museum I was impressed by the graffiti walls where local youths are allowed to „tag“ the walls with their colourful graffiti. As my work happens mostly in public spaces and is interactive I decided that I
would use a local tree as interactive multi-acoustic sound sculpture. This tree is situated at the corner of Eduard Weitsch-Weg behind the museum, There are already cables hanging from the museum to the general area of the
tree, so that the amplifiers and receivers can be stored inside the building.


Construction: the tree trunk is covered/wrapped with recycled loudspeakers. There is no electricity that can endanger the public. The tree will not be damaged: loudspeakers are fixed to it via wire-mesh (see plan) and the final sculpture itself will be additional fixed with „Umreifungsstahlband“ in order to further stabilise (protect) the tree and loudspeakers.

Sound: the trees play low-level white noise but the public is also allowed via bluetooth technology to amplify themselves (voices, music with their smartphones, telephone conversations = „oral graffiti“). The tree trunk is covered with loudspeakers (ca 500) in the same way that trees are protected on a construction sites with planks of wood that are wrapped around the trunks.
Nearby is the museum building where the technology (amps, receivers, small mixing board, transformers/ electrical power supplies to the bluetooth „boomers) is stored (suspended cable to the tree). The electroacoustic structure consists of some 300 recycled loudspeakers with 6-8 channels of sound. Additionally via bluetooth technology spectators within 6 meters of the tree can participate orally/ musically with their smartphones.



Benoît Maubrey (*1952 in Washington, D.C. of French parents) received a Bachelor of Arts Diploma from Georgetown University in 1975. Based in Berlin since 1979. Co-founded the non-profit arts organisation Kunstpflug e.V in 1992.


Benoît Maubrey

This work was submitted by Benoît Maubrey on 29th of October 2014.

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