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Below you can find a general description about what to expect on the site and how to use it to submit.

about AIDD / collective / contact / Outlines our aims as well as lists our initial questions. The contributors tab lists the archive’s founders as well as contributors. In this section you can also find our contact information.

archive / Here you can search for projects and writings by categories, tags or both. Users are encouraged to submit to the archive.

encyclopedia / This scrolling encyclopedia reflects on different thought evoking words. Not wanting to define or fix their meaning, their aim is to display different epistemological entry points to each word. Users are encouraged to add to current entries and submit to the encyclopedia.

submit / These tabs enable users to submit to the archive or the encyclopedia. Note that it is important to clearly refer to which resource the submission belongs to. Further comments and suggestions can also be submitted in this section.

news / press / Will be updated with the project’s development, sometimes highlighting interesting projects as well as keeping our users up to date. The press tab will additionally display external features about AIDD and the projects archived within its framework.

think tank / forum / In situ events will be documented and published in this section. We aim to host collaborative think tanks enabling all participants to reflect on projects and ideologies in a more intimate manner. The forum tab displays rotating questions that reflect on Action, Intervention and Daily Deployment. Users are encouraged to engage in the discussion and submit questions.

how to / Aims to shed light on how to use this site. All further suggestions are most appreciated.

support us / Here you can make a donation helping us to cover the initial costs of the construction, maintenance and design of this website during this early stage of the project.