How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Form
a project by Tacit Tactics

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Form was devised via a conversation on GoogleDocs, conducting research into stock image photography and online Youtube instructional videos on how to fill in forms correctly. These results mostly pertained to forms for citizenship, tax, job applications and immigration as popular illustration for the act.

Our everyday encounters with institutions require incongruous box-ticking, online and paper form filling as a self-identifying gesture as well as to gain admission to official organisations. It is then categorized and possibly sold to anonymous companies for profit, or used to form other data for monitoring purposes or for other agendas.

This is a work about institutional dialogue and the ways in which the underrepresented deal with language as an everyday process. It takes the ‘form’, as in an official template relating to institutions where standardization is mandatory and negates the first person experience as central. It is about identity at a ‘macro’ scale and the efforts of the individual to escape monitoring of habits, intentions and actions.

TACIT TACTICS sees form-filling as a type of architecture in the intervention in everyday life.
TACIT TACTICS have to navigate standardisations of nationality and ethnicity.

Daily protest and subversion occurs within the act of completing forms, which is at once a chore and an act of self-definition, where for example one may be aspirational, uncertain, several ethnicities and demographics at once (or not at all).

The enactment of protest is embedded in the way in which a form is completed and which boxes we are allowed to tick in order to allow to exist in an official form. Sometimes there is no box to tick and we are Other: _________.


TT are a speculative architecture and interventionist research group.
TT are competitive and sportsman-like in their public and private approach.
TT are on track and behind the finishing line
TT are based here, there and nowhere.



All images were provided by Tacit Tactics, taken from How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Form.
The work was submitted by Tacit Tactics on 5 March 2014.

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