Corporation of Consideration
a cupboard collective project

The Corporation of Consideration is a new agency that sets up its headquarters in the City of London. Consideration officers commence their work from their newly found home base, being considerate in various parts of the Corporation of London’s territory. Spreading consideration, ensuring considerate conduct, inviting considered responses, they add a value to the City that has not been employed sufficiently previously. 

Institutions are the main agents in our cities. Somehow we have achieved a state where to achieve agency this is what you have to become – an institution, an office, an agency. The human beings interacting in this set up are but representatives of a greater authority. Themselves they lack responsibility and accountability, just lending their mere human voices to the power of something greater than them. Any place, any idea, any action outside the institution becomes obsolete, devoid of the same power as the surrounding agencies.

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Yet, strangely, institutions start encroaching our personal agency, assuming roles they never had. Jurisdiction has given us the ‘legal person‘. The building industry has given us ‘considerate construction‘. We are surrounded by agencies more potent, and more humane than us? This has been particularly prevalent in the City, where corporations, banks, institutions battle against the personal and the public, promoting a city without citizens, and thus no one engaging in self-reliant responsible action.

Acting for yourself is to ensure cities to remain human habitats, rather than to become playing fields of institutional interests. The Corporation of Consideration is doomed, achieving only a vacuous veneer of what it means to be considerate. The rest is down to us.

Within weeks, the Corporation of Consideration is discovered by the City of London police. The two institutions clash with only one possible outcome. The Corporation of Consideration retreats, its officers vanish. The Corporation of London continues, always continues. 


Jo Kernon lives in East London and is a member of the cupboardcollective  She works in a range of media and her work often has participatory or performative elements which work with the poetic, with questions, altered perceptions and space. Her focus is on unexplored potential and loss, connectivity and relatedness. She currently also teaches art at a Steiner school.

Richard Rosch lives in East London and is a member of the cupboardcollective  He mainly works with small interventions and perceptual shifts. He is interested in the poetic potential in human interactions and in different levels of its representation. He does research at the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre at Birkbeck, University of London and works as a neuroscientist and medical doctor.



Submitted by Richard E Rosch on the 27th of August 2014.

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