CIRCUMstance (2014)
An animated Video Essay by Paul Harrison

CIRCUMstance is a short animated film that explores a world wide wilderness, the digital planet with a god called GOOGLE. Created completely from web technologies and platforms created by the american search engine, the film seeks to circumnavigate this online earth. Whilst at the same time mapping a trajectory towards forms of gratitude and an optimism that is not marginalised by the speed of contemporary technology. Perhaps it is now possible or acceptable to suggest that the online environment of the ‘wild’ internet is one of the newest wildernesses that humankind has yet to fully explore?

CIRCUMstance from Paul Harrison on Vimeo.

In conversation with the collective Paul writes: ‘I believe that my film CURCUMstance (2014) resonates quite deeply with visualising and thinking through everyday images of protest. In that the film is an attempt to understand the digital platforms which dominate our popular and common modes of communication. This can be seen by it’s narrative tactic of using GOOGLE’s programmes to demonstrate their truly global spread and influence. I guess that I created this work to express annoyance toward the fact that technology can accurately map and portray this world so accurately. However, this does seemingly not aid in affective changes in our daily attempt’s to understand why the system’s we live by often fail us as individuals.’




This work was submitted by Paul Harrison on 8 August 2014.


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