Aqui Bate Um Coração/Here Beats A Heart
an urban intervention by Rodrigo Guima

Exactly two years ago a simple dissatisfaction with the way people live and relate to the cities changed my life. I had to leave my city (Belo Horizonte) and moved to São Paulo to understand it. I worked in dfferent projects to lose myself and to find myself. I’ve always been a lover of public space, a “tupiniquim” flaneur and these wanderings of life connected me to people that vibrate in the same tone. Observing the city and people I started to create projects that reconnect people with urban centers. From this was born the first one. Here Beats a Heart (Aqui Bate Um Coração in Portuguese) is an urban experience involving people (strangers) that are in a personal moment, searching for answers in life. The project was created to explore (with love) the reconnection and transformation of people within oppressive big urban areas. The idea is about to map all statues in the city and suggest people to interact with it beating read hearts at the night in an interactive performance that encourages reflection on perception of themselves and the city. My first adventure happened in São Paulo in March 2012. During the last 2 years, 50 cities around the world spread my experience, making the movement one of the biggest collaborative urban interventions in the world.

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Rodrigo Guima is a social artist based in São Paulo. Enthusiast of urban centers, he has two precious and characteristic elements guiding his work: the Love and the Street. His projects are under a web entitled ‘The Heart Society / A Sociedade Coração’, the result of research and experiences as a flaneur. The result of his work is always extracted from the observation of the urban environment as a social transformation and the synapse of emotions through what he calls ‘The Tenderness Provocation’, proposing to break the mechanical routine of people that lives in huge cities. One of his most famous projects is called “Aqui Bate Um Coração/Here Beats A Heart” – one of the biggest ever made collaborative urban interventions,
spread across 50 cities in 2 years.


E-mail: guimabh@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aquibateumcoracao

All material was provided by the artist.
This work was submitted by Rodrigo Guima on 4 November 2014.


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